Zoning fails for Tractor Supply Store on West Main in Riverton

Over two dozen people attended the Riverton City Council meeting Tuesday night to oppose a zoning change on West Main from residential to commercial. A Tractor Supply Store had been proposed for the site at 3400 West Main. The motion to approve the zoning change was voted down 3 to 3. It needed five affirmative votes to be approved because over 20 percent of the neighboring property owners were opposed to the zoning change. The Mayor did not vote. Much of the discussion at the meeting was about the Tractor Supply Store proposed for the site. Mayor Lars Baker and Councilors Kyle Larson and Mike Bailey, however, reminded the audience that the issue was not about the prospective business at the site, but the zoning change itself. Bailey said the current zone of the property would allow for up to 30 apartment units at the site with many of the same problems opponents of the zoning change are concerned with over a retail store. “We’re stuck with the rules we have. Is this a good location for a commercial highway zone?, Baker asked. The council decided it was not a good decision to change the zoning and the ordinance failed on second reading. *Feature Image: All those attending the city council meeting who where opposed to the zoning were asked to raise their hands. It was the majority of the audience. (Pitchengine Communities) * *#county10 #news *