Airport Board to elect officers on Friday, Review Passenger Survey results

The Riverton Airport Board's early morning meeting Friday has only one action item, that of the annual election of the board officers. Presently Dean Peranteaux is the board chairman. Other members include George Wright, Mick Pryor, Bruce Kamminga and Bob Lebeda. The board will also review emplanement numbers from the past month, which in November totaled only 214 passengers. For the year, the airport has only seen 3,349 passengers, well below last year's total at this time of 7,418 and well out of sight of a minimum 10,000 passenger boardings to qualify for a $1m subsidy from the FAA. Due to the much discussed pilot hours and rest rules, Great Lakes Airlines has only been flying seven seat aircraft into Riverton Regional since the beginning of the airport reconstruction project began last spring. The airline has petitioned the FAA to allow it to fly its 19 passenger configurations again, but that decision isn't expected until sometime early next year. During November, out of 114 scheduled fights, 99 landed meaning only 15 flights were cancelled. Airport Division Manager Paul Griffin said he was hoping to get an air service enhancement report by tomorrow, but that he had not received any new reports from the Task Force working on the issue or from Wyoming Aeronautics. He also said he had inquired about how the new service in Sheridan was working out, but hadn't heard from them as well. *Feature Photo: Inside the passenger terminal at Riverton Regional Airport