Beloved LVHS teacher passes away, remembered as "one of the best"

The Lander Valley High School community, including more than two decades of students, are mourning the loss of beloved Spanish teacher Donna Spurlock. Donna retired at the end of the last school year as her battle with cancer began to worsen. She taught at LVHS for 26 years, current Principal Brad Neuendorf said this morning. She died on Wednesday, Dec. 16. "It's really hard for me to express what she meant to this building, to the students and to the staff," Neuendorf said. He described how impactful she'd been to the school over the years, noting that so much what they do now has roots to Donna's spurring on the change. This includes much of the party planning; the school just had its annual Christmas breakfast, and they held it honor of Donna. Donna also spearheaded the annual Spanish class trips to Costa Rica, and Neuendorf she took a real interest in expanding the horizons for students. She was usually the first to arrive in the mornings and the last to leave. "She was just so passionate about the kids," he continued. "She was one of the best teachers I've ever had the privilege to watch in the classroom." Internally, Neuendorf said the school is doing all it can to support its teachers and students as they work through the loss. Counselors are available for those who need to speak with someone. *photo from facebook* #county10 #news