Lander woman and child dead in 'shocking and brutal' murder suicide

The Lander Police Department this morning confirmed that 41-year-old Janet Bowlsby killed her 5-year-old son, Erik, before killing herself in late October of this year. "This investigation was difficult emotionally for the investigators due to the shocking and brutal circumstances involved in the child's death," LPD Chief Bob Cecrle said at a press conference. The two Bowlsbys were discovered dead in their home on the 200 block of South Fourth Street at about 6:10 p.m. on Halloween. Today investigators declined to say when the murder suicide actually occurred. The pair were the only two who lived in the home. Erik's death, according the finalization of the Fremont County Coroner's investigation, was caused by a shotgun wound to the face and ligature strangulation. Police say that Janet was responsible for the injuries to her son, and it is unclear which injury was sustained first. Janet died of self-inflicted sharp force injuries of the left wrist. Relevant toxicology results from the Coroner are expected to be released soon. [image: 12191499_1066949699991154_6053584664285508663_n.jpg] Cecrle said a suicide note was found at the scene, but he divulged no information that it contained. He did say that no clear motive was described in the note. Police also declined to comment on the outcome of the portion of the investigation relating to Janet's mental health history. Investigators did say that there was no known child abuse history. So far, the investigation has involved collecting more than 100 pieces of evidence from the multi-room crime scene and more than 200 hours of investigative time. The investigation in its final stages, Cecrle said, and his office does not intend on releasing any further information. He said that the investigation has been rough emotionally for his officers, and that they all have access to counselors should they need it. *photos provided* #county10 #news