Dispatch: Arrests; Pedestrian struck by vehicle; Arrests made in home invasion case; and more

*Riverton Police Department* *Arrests/Citations* *Derrald R. Antelope*, 52, Ethete, Public Intoxication (0.38% BAC) *John D. Lopez*, 49, Denver, on a California Failure to Appear warrant *A 16-year-old Kinnear male *was cited for Failing to Yield the Right Of Way after striking a white 1997 Ford F-250 with his black 2008 Toyota Tundra. Damage was over $1,000. *Dawn M. Gambler*, 39, of Arapahoe, Felony Interference; *Tyrel Myhre,* 30, Riverton, Aggravated Assault and *Natalie Brown*, 30, St. Stephens, Interference. The three were arrested after 911 received a report of a woman threatening a pregnant woman with a knife in the 300 block of North 2nd East. Read more here . *Brandon Brown*, 25, Riverton, Domestic Battery and Resisting. He is charged with allegedly touching his wife in an unlawful manner resulting in red marks on her face and bruising around one eye. He also reported fought police during his arrest. *Marian Romero,* 52, Denver, Public Intoxication. *Ronald Goggles*, 28, Riverton, on two outstanding Failure to Appear warrants *Steven C. Amos*, 44, Riverton, Pedestrian Under the Influence. *Calls* *There were 20 calls for service on Friday* A lost checkbook was reported to the RPD. If anyone finds a checkbook, please take it to the RPD. Another school bus fly-by was reported at 12:06 p.m. at South Smith and East Monroe. Police are awaiting video from the bus to identify the driver and vehicle. A caller told police that some kids in an upstairs apartment from him were making noise. Police suggested the man go upstairs and talk with the neighbor before involving law enforcement. *There were 22 calls on Saturday* A noise complaint was called in in the 600 block of North 2nd West. The caller said there was loud noise and kids jumping around. He was advised to contact the apartment manager. At 11:23 a.m. the 68-year-old driver of a white 2009 Buick backed into another vehicle in the 1100 block of Major Avenue. Damage was minor. The caller who complained of noise from his upstairs neighbors on Friday did, in fact, go upstairs and talk with his neighbor. Police were called as the conversation allegedly turned confrontational. Neither party wanted to press charges. No action was taken. A white 2006 Kia driven by a 26-year-old Riverton female backed into a gold 2006 Chevrolet in the 3000 block of College Hill Drive. Damage was over $1,000. Police were called to the 800 block of North Broadway where family members who had been out shopping returned home to find a 63-year-old man had died while they were away. The coroner was called. There was nothing suspicious about the death. At 9:06 p.m. a pedestrian identified as a 56-year-old man was struck by a 1994 Buick driven by a 53-year-old Riverton man. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The incident is under investigation. *There were 22 calls on Sunday* The Hampton Inn called police after a transient refused to leave their hotel. The man was attempting to trade out some work for a room for the night and would not take no for an answer, a police report indicated. Officers took the man to the Good Samaritan Shelter for the night. Vagrants were reportedly inhabiting a vacant trailer on Apache St. The report was unfounded. No one was in the trailer and it appeared no one had been there. *Lander Police Department* *Arrests/Citations* *Ally Palmer,* 20, Lander, Minor In Possession of Alcohol *A male juvenile, age not given*, was cited for Assault and Battery on a child. *Nathaniel Moses,* 40, Fort Washakie, Driving While Under the Influence, Driving While Under Suspension, No Insurance, Headlight out. *Edward Piper,* 28, Riverton, Trespassing and Disobeying a Legal Order. Piper was found undressed and sleeping on a couch in a home in the 600 block of Market Street. *Mark Eisnnicher,* 33, Lander, Aiding and Abetting Aggravated Battery; *Dequon Eisnnicher*, 20, Lander, Aiding and Abetting Aggravated Battery; *Brittany Church*, 23, Lander, Burglary; and *A 17-year-old male*, Lander, Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Battery. These four arrests are related to the home invasion robbery and assault on a Lander Couple on Capitol Hill. Read about that story here . *A 31-year-old male clerk, Ben Sears* of Lander, was cited for Selling Alcohol to a Minor from the Lander Bar on Thursday, Dec. 17th. *Calls* *There were 46 calls for service* Police were called to the 900 block of North 4th at Jefferson for a family fight that was verbal only. The call occurred at 7:39 a.m. on Friday. A reported assault on Market Street is under investigation. The assault allegedly occurred after the residence was visited by police. A fraudulent telephone call seeking money allegedly from the IRS was reported at midmorning on Friday. An incident of property destruction on North 4th Street is under investigation. The report of a fight between two juvenile females at the Lander Middle School at 12:21 p.m. Friday is under investigation by the School Resource Officer A vehicle reported struck the Popo Agie One Stop Market at 1:57 p.m. on Friday. There were no citations and no report of damage. A dispute between a salon owner and a contractor there resulted in a police stand-by as the contractor picked up items that allegedly belonged to her and that were thrown outside of the salon in the 800 block of Washakie. A report that someone was inside of a house who didn’t belong there was unfounded, police reported. The incident was on Market Street. A baby was accidentally locked inside of a vehicle at Mr. D’s Food Center Friday night at 9:32 p.m. A spare key was found and the vehicle was unlocked. The baby was fine. A verbal altercation between a boyfriend and his girlfriend was reported at 4:50 a.m. on Saturday morning in the 100 block of North 6th Street. The theft of a wallet that was reported just past 2 p.m. on Saturday is under investigation. The report came from Lander Valley High School where a basketball tournament was underway. A stop sign was struck and knocked over at Dillon and Grand View at 2:52 p.m. Saturday. The Streets Department was notified. A two-vehicle “fender bender” was reported at North 5th and Washakie Street at 9:25 p.m. Saturday night. Damage was reported to be over $1,000. A shoplifting was reported at 12:40 p.m. on Sunday at the Family Dollar Store on Grand View Drive. Employees stopped two unknown females outside of the store and recovered a hand-bag filled with $50 of items. The females darted away after being stopped. *Fremont County Sheriff’s Office* *Arrests/Citations* *A 17-year-old male*, Lander, two counts of Aiding and Abetting Aggravated Battery, Burglary and Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Battery. *Brittany Church,* 23, Lander, two counts of Aiding and Abetting Aggravated Battery, Burglary and Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Battery. *Dequon Eisnnicher,* 20, Lander, two counts of Aggravated Battery, Burglary, Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Battery. *Nicholas McDougal*, 29, Lander, Domestic Violence Battery, Property Destruction *Jose Mejia-Bercerril,* 31, Pavillion, Unauthorized Use of Vehicle, False Identification. *Jonathan Tanner*, 24, Edwards, Mississippi, Domestic Violence Assault. *Calls* *There were 105 calls for service* Another IRS Scam call was received by a Dubois Resident. She hung up on them. A dog bite Friday at 2:30 pm in the 10000 block of Highway 789 near Riverton was reported. The door of a home being rented was kicked in on Roberts Road near Lander. A man whose roommate came home intoxicated and started a fight and threw logs at him reported he suffered a leg injury. Deputies are waiting to talk to the suspect. A motorist traveling on the Atlantic City Road became stuck in a snowbank. The vehicle was freed and the driver was okay. Dubois deputies were dispatched for a deer allegedly stuck in a fence by the high school. A Game and Fish warden was not immediately available. An alleged assault that occurred on Elder Lane in the Gardens North area is under investigation. A reported case of domestic abuse came in at 4:13 p.m. Sunday from an address in the Pavillion area. The incident is under investigation. *Fremont County Emergency Medical Services * There were 34 calls for a county ambulance over the weekend. *Fremont County Fire Departments* There were four fire calls over the weekend, one for wires down in Riverton, a false fire alarm in Riverton, a smoke investigation on North Fork Road near Lander and a fire alarm in Dubois. *Fremont County Coroner* There were two coroner calls over the weekend. Both were on Saturday the 19th. One call was for a 63-year-old Riverton man whose death is a probable natural, and that of a 46-year-old Ethete female. Toxicology tests are being conducted on the latter deceased to determine a cause of death. Deputy Coroner Tadd Curtin reported the death of 26-year-old Brandy Hines of Lander was due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head on November 25th. In a Verdict and Case Docket, Curtin reported that Hines’ Blood Alcohol Concentration was 0.246 (0.08 is the legal limit) and that she had 8.8 ng/ml of Delta-9 THC (the active ingredient of marijuana) in her system. The death was ruled a suicide. #county10 #news