Lisa Marie WallowingBull

Lisa Marie WallowingBull was born December 19, 1969 and passed away December 19, 2015 Services are being held December 23, 2015 at Blue Sky Hall at Ethete at 10:00 am. With burial at Wallowing Bull Cemetery. Evening services will also be held at Blue sky Hall December 22, 2015 at 7:00 pm. She was born in Idaho Falls Idaho to Reynold and Ethelynn Wallowing Bull. She was raised in Rigby, Idaho, most of her life, and then moved to the Wind River Reservation in 1980. She attended schools at Rigby Idaho, Wyoming Indian and St. Stephens. She went on to receive her higher education at United Tribes Indian College where she earned her Associate of Applied Science degree in Office Technology. She had many trades throughout her life she was certified in culinary art and was a Traffic Control Supervisor for many years. She loved to spend time with her children and her grandchildren, her nieces and nephews, cousins, friends and family. She participated in her culture and ceremonies throughout her life. She enjoyed going to the mountains, having cookouts with her family, and traveling to see her friends. She will be missed by all that knew her. She is survived by her husband Duane Oldman, children Nathaniel and Jess Wallowing Bull, Tashae Randi Sage, Her grandsons Dreamer and Spirit Warrior WallowingBull. Her sister Laura WallowingBull and Thomas Osborne. God sister Sherrie and Chris Hill. Her Uncles Clyde Wallowing Bull and family, Jess Amos, William Mcgillis and family. Her Aunts Gloria St. Clair and family and Flora Swallow and family, Evelynn Bradford and family. Martha Brown and family. Her adopted sons Shilo Two bulls, AJ, Dexter, Arron WallowingBull, Zachary and Clay Osborne, Joshua and Jeff Wallowingbull. Her Nieces Shawnita Osborne and Tasha Osborne, Shyleen and Shyann Two Bulls. The extended families of WallowingBull, McGillis, Gopher, St. Clair, Antelope, Willow, Brown, Amos. Close friends Liz Trosper, Lori Deking, Leona Brown, Shawna Jo Bell, and Forrest Headley. She was preceded in Death by her Parents, her Daughter Chyna Shane WallowingBull, Brothers Reynold Wallowingbull Jr., Beno Standing Elk, her grandparents John and Jessie Swallow and William and Mary McGillis; Weston and Valinda Swallow, Florene Amos, Kenny Wallowingbull, Julie, Patricia, Lawayne C’Bearing, Byon Brown. Bryan St. Clair. Herman St. Clair. God Parents Frank and Elaine Hill. Grandson Jaylin Rae Garza. Her special friend Maurice Shakespeare. #county10 #obits