Three women arrested on domestic call, one for biting a police officer, one for a knife threat and a third for interference

A 39-year-old Arapahoe-area woman was arrested for felony interference after she became violent with a Riverton Police Officer and bit her on the arm. Dawn M. Gambler told officers at the scene that she had done some methamphetamine and had been drinking. A breath test revealed Gambler was very intoxicated at 0.398 percent BAC. The legal limit is 0.08 percent. Police were originally called to the 300 block of North 2nd East at 8:10 p.m. on the report of a woman who allegedly pulled a knife on a pregnant woman during an argument and had lunged at her with the weapon. [image: Inline image 1] Upon arrival, police determined the aggressor in the original complaint was Tyrel Myhre, 30, of Riverton, who had gotten into a verbal argument with the pregnant woman and threatened her with the knife. She was arrested for aggravated assault. During that call, a woman outside of the residence, Natalie Brown, 30, of St. Stephens, was arrested for interference when she allegedly provided false information to the responding officers. A short time later police were called back to the residence on another disturbance complaint. Gambler, who had blood on her face, was calmly standing by and told officers that she had fallen down the steps of the home. Her purse and its contents were strewn over a wide area on the yard. When an ambulance arrived to check out Gambler’s injuries, she suddenly turned violent and attacked Officer Mariah Wilson, biting her on the left arm and not letting go. A police report indicated Myhre was much larger than Wilson. The report also said that “after physical persuasion” Gambler released her bite hold and both the suspect and the officer were taken to the hospital. Wilson had a base-line blood test taken. After the test, and after her arm was bandaged, Wilson returned to duty at her request. A toxicology test was ordered for Gambler, but the results were not immediately available. Police found several children sleeping downstairs and apparently unaware of the drama upstairs. The children’s grandmother was called to come and take them to her home. *Photo Above: Dawn Michelle Gambler and other photos h/t FCSO / Pitchengine Communities * #county10 #news