Alleged Huffer used rock to break door at Ace Hardware, stole spray paint, plastic bags

Lander Police were called to the Ace Hardware Store on Main Street after a silent break-in alarm went off just before midnight on Wednesday. Arrested in the burglary was 32-year-old Star Goggles of Fort Washakie. When officers arrived at the business after receiving the alarm, they found a front door shattered, but no one inside. A review of surveillance video clearly showed a man outside the store who came back with a rock and broke out the door window. He then darted into the store, according to a recap of the video, went right to the paint department, took two cans of silver spray paint, then went to the checkout counter and grabbed some plastic bags and darted out. LPD Public Information Officer Duane Kaiser said the video showed that the Goggles was in the store about 45 seconds. Police collected the rock used in the burglary and cruised the neighborhood but failed to locate the suspect. Some three hours later, at 3:11 a.m., a resident called and said there was a man in their back yard. Again he slipped away, according to Kaiser, but then an officer located the Goggles walking down Popo Agie Street at Second, allegedly with one can of silver paint in his pocket, and his mouth ringed in silver paint. He was arrested and charged with Felony Property Destruction, Burglary and Huffing a toxic substance. *Feature Photo: Star Goggles mug shot. Fremont County Sheriff's Office /