No Training for Alcohol Servers?

On second reading Tuesday night, the Lander City Council discussed the training programs for establishments that serve alcohol. According to City Clerk Robin Griffin, when it was learned that there are no current alcohol serving trainers in the area, a requirement for alcohol servers to be certified was struck from the document. The council also amended the ordinance to eliminate use of the word "drugs" to be replaced with the word "substances." With those two changes, the ordinance was approved on second reading. The council also passed on first reading the prohibition of firearms and broad-head tipped arrows from being used within the city limits. Responding to John Farr's complaint that the prohibition would take away his hunting privileges, Police Chief Bob Cecrle said the action was being taken for public safety. He said it was not to take anyone's hunting privileges away. The chief noted there are exceptions that will allow hunting in the city limits. A question arose about verbiage in the document that would allow hunting on a minimum of four acres. Councilor Cade Maestas asked if the four acres needed to be continuous. Griffin said the council decided to seek direction from the city attorney on the topic before the second reading. *Feature Photo: The Lander City Council. (Pitchengine Communities) * *#county10 #news *