A truck chased wildlife near town. Is that harassment?

A reader sent information earlier today about a possible case of wildlife harassment at a property in Sinks Canyon, south of town. Even when questions were posed to Game and Fish officials there was some initial confusion over when harassment occurs. In the incident reported today, a pickup truck was allegedly chasing elk from a pasture. "It's only harassment if it crosses a certain line," said one of Lander's Game Wardens, Linnea Sailor. "If the wildlife are getting into haystacks or causing property damage, it's okay to chase them away or use noise pistols or flares. Those are perfectly acceptable ways," she said. "However if the wildlife leave the pasture or field in question and the pursuer is still going after them, then it's harassment." Due to the large number of wildlife in the Lander area, Sailor said the Wyoming Game and Fish Department does pay out a number of damage claims turned in by area ranchers for loss of feed. *Feature Photo: This herd of elk was photographed last year in Sinks Canyon near Lander. (Pitchengine Communities) * #county10 #news