One year after, Dubois town block set to rise from the ashes

One year after the great fire that destroyed an important part of historic downtown Dubois, developers have filed plans to rebuild on the site. They intend to put the project up for bid in January or February. Unlike the large Mercantile building destroyed in the fire, the new buildings will house small retail establishments as well as office spaces, in a structure with a variety of exterior styles architecturally appropriate to the town center. [image: Inline image 2] *The morning after the fire. (Pitchengine Communities)* [image: Inline image 1] *The vacant lot where the fire destroyed multiple businesses. (Karen McCullough / Pitchengine Communities) * Reg Phillips of Wind River Land & Building Co., which owns the property, says construction should begin in the early spring. Retail spaces will face the street, and office spaces will be at the north side or on the second floor of the building closest to Silver Sage Gallery. A central vestibule will provide access to spaces at the north end or on the second floor. Phillips said retail spaces can be configured to suit the tenants. [image: Inline image 3] [image: Inline image 4] *Above images: Wind River Land & Building Company - Berlin Architects / Pitchengine Communities) * Last year's fire, caused by overheating near a chimney, broke out just after 8 PM on December 30, 2014, and burned in sub-zero temperatures into the early hours of December 31. The remains of the previous building proved structurally unfit for renovation. *Feature Image: Architect rendering of the replacement structure in downtown Dubois. (Wind River Land and Building Co.-Berlin Architects /