Riverton native played role in World's Number One Movie

You won't see his name on the credits, but a Riverton man had a hand in the production of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the seventh and latest in the series of the blockbuster Sci-Fi franchise that is now setting daily box office records. The firm is currently showing in Riverton and Lander. The movie this past weekend became the first to generate $1-Billion in just 12 days in worldwide release and it is expected to become among the top most total grossing movies of all time, if not the top film, according to Box Office Mojo. Avatar and Titantic were the first productions to hit the $2 billion mark. Avatar is the current top grossing movie, which brought in some $2.7 billion. Riverton's Gavyn Thompson is a behind the scenes guy. He's been working in the movie industry for some eight years now at a little firm in Northern California called Industrial Light and Magic. You may have heard of it. His list of film credits is long, including such productions as Man of Steel, The Amazing Spider-Man and Avatar, to name three (see the list below). Thompson admits that ILM is a pretty big company, and he is in a department where the specialty is CG Environments and Backgrounds. Very simply stated, CG is a software application that assists artists to create lighting effects and background scenes effects. In his own words, "My job is to facilitate a number of tools and a workflow for sharing all of our assets and related environment work with the other departments. This means writing/coding tools that allow us to export, but also ingest data from any other department and software application, and hook it up in our department's own internal pipeline." So when you saw (or will see) the movie, you now know that a local man had a hand in how the final product came out on the big screen. Thompson's list of credits includes: Thor: The Dark World (lighting td: Blur) / (rigging: Double Negative) Man of Steel (creatures/modeling/rigging/texture/matte painting artist: Double Negative - as Gavin Thomas) Oblivion (cg supervisor: Pixomondo) The Amazing Spider-Man (lighting artist: Pixomondo) Snow White and the Huntsman (cg artist: Pixomondo) Red Tails (digital effects artist: Pixomondo) Hugo (lighting artist: Pixomondo - uncredited) Sucker Punch (lighting artist: Pixomondo - as Gavin Thompson) The Rite (cg artist) The Green Hornet (3d artist: Pixomondo) Avatar (cg artist: Prime Focus) 2012 (visual effects artist: Uncharted Territory) "I've also worked on 3 ride films, the latest of which was Iron Man Experience for Disney," he said. *Feature Photo: h/t Gavin Thompson / Pitchengine Communities * *#county10 #news *