Stotz Equipment Featured Farmer - The Bousman Family

*(Fremont County, Wyo.) *- For the Bousman family, farming is a lifestyle -- a career that they love and take pride in. So, working and caring for the land is gratifying stewardship to Jim and Kristy Bousman. "It is rewarding to farm or plant something and see the success," Jim said. "The greatest joy is to be able to work together as a family!" Jim and Kristy and their two children Sarah and Dennis, who are 6th generation ranch kids, are part of a large family business called Eastfork Livestock. Eastfork Farms is made up of Grandma and Grandpa Bousman, brothers Jim and Cot and their families. When Jim and Kristy were looking to expand Eastfork Livestock in Boulder, WY, they were looking for a place that was close enough to the ranch to make management of resources practical, while being far enough away to find a warmer climate. The Bousmans purchased the farm north of Pavillion just under the Owl Creek Mountains in 2014. But working on the farm can be dangerous, and the Bousmans have had some close calls along the way, like last summer's haystack fire. During disheartening times like these, Jim said that they question their decision to farm. "Then our questions and doubts get answered as our neighbors' tractors came rolling down the road, driving right into the flames, risking their resources and themselves to help you out," said Jim. "This is why we love farming, the people are the best and the values gained from it are priceless." Just like their ties to farming and ranching are generational, so is their relationship with Stotz Equipment. The Bousmans started purchasing equipment from Stotz when they were Lathrop Equipment, and they have continued to shop there over the years. "The relationships with the people at Stotz have become personal, and they work hard to help keep us running," said Jim. The Bousmans' love for farming and ranching shines through in the operation they run -- Eastfork Livestock. Humbly so, they are just great people, doing what they enjoy and making memories as a family! ​Be on the look out for the next Stotz Equipment Featured Farmer. #news #sponsored #county10