Cause of two Reservation deaths determined

The deaths of two Wind River Reservation Residents have been determined following an autopsy report on one and a toxicology report on the other, according to the coroner's office. In a verdict and case docket released this morning, Chief Deputy Coroner Erin Ivie said the death on October 27th of Michael R. Makeshine, 44, of Fort Washakie was natural. The cause of death was determined to be "withdrawal seizures due to complications of ethanol withdrawal." "We see this when someone who has consumed alcohol for a long time abruptly quits drinking," she said. Makeshine died at home. Coroner Mark Stratmoen reported the death of 46-year-old Lisa M. Wallowingbull-Oldman on December 19th was accidental due to "Respiratory arrest due to ethanol and drug toxicity." A verdict and case docket revealed Wallowingbull-Oldman's relevant toxicology included a blood alcohol level of 0.347 percent (0.08 is the legal limit), plus normal therapeutic levels of Codeine (5.8 ng/mL) and Oxycodone (5.9 ng/mL). Stratmoen said it was the combination of the alcohol and drugs that caused the death. "Codeine and Oxycodone are both respiratory depressants and death resulted from that combination with alcohol and her morbid obesity," he said. Stratmoen said there were no coroner cases over the long New Years Holiday weekend. The coroner is expected to present his year-end report to the Fremont County Commissioners at their regular Tuesday morning meeting. #county10 #news