Fort Washakie man is Regional Teacher of the Year

A Fort Washakie elementary school teacher, George Abeyta, has been named the Region 6 National Johnson-O'Mally Association's Teacher of the Year. An award letter from Fremont County School District #21 Co-Chair Carla Mann informed Abeyta "you have been chosen due to your leadership capabilities in the classroom and the sports you coach. Many JOM students have been impacted by your teaching and coaching during your career at Fort Washakie School, and we appreciate teachers like you, who make a difference in our student's lives." Abeyta will receive the award at the 2016 NJOMA Conference in Washington, D.C. on February 1-3. Mann wrote that FCSD#21 "has graciously provided travel and professional leave from your job to attend this event." *Feature Photo: George Abeyta (FCSD#21 / Pitchengine Communities)* *#county10 #news *