Telephone Scam Alert: Firefighters do not request funds over the phone

Riverton Fire Department Chief Scott Walters today said a scam is hitting Fremont County and Wyoming with a caller claiming to represent the Wyoming Firefighters Association and the Wyoming Paramedics Association. "Several of our firefighters have received this call, which claims to be raising money for burned children. It is a scam, we do not solicit funds through the telephone," Walters said. "He said one member of the association tried to get as much information from the scammer as possible, but when the caller realized he was talking to an association member, he disconnected." Wyoming State Fire Marshall Lanny Applegate also had a relative receive one of the scam calls. The caller asks for credit card or bank information, "Don't give them any information," he said. "The only fundraising we do is for our annual convention, and we do that through ticket sales, that's all," Walters said. "We never solicit over the phone." Police were able to trace one of the calls, which came back to a "trac" phone, which anyone can buy. #county10 #springcity #news