Cattle theft alleged; Riverton Police Investigating

The Riverton Police Department announced Thursday morning that an investigation is underway over the alleged theft of some $78,000 worth of cattle from a Lander-area ranch. The RPD is investigating because the sale of the animals allegedly occurred at the Riverton Livestock Auction. According to a police report, the cattle apparently began disappearing some five years ago in ones and twos allegedly by the husband of the rancher's daughter, who had been put in charge of caring for the herd. After the relationship between the two dissolved into a divorce action, and the cattle were discovered missing, the rancher involved contacted the sales barn during her own investigation. A police report indicated the livestock auction told the rancher that they had written her a number of checks over the past five years. Checks, apparently that the rancher never received, but that had been cashed. When the rancher went out looking for the herd, the mother and daughter realized they didn't have one anymore. The soon to be ex-husband is alleged to have told the pair that he had been moving the cattle frequently to different pastures on the other side of the place and that's why they couldn't find them. The number of cattle that are missing is in question. Police plan to review records at the sales barn and consult with brand inspectors as they conduct the investigation. *Feature Photo from file: Cattle graze in a pasture near Riverton.* #county10 #news