"They aren't just therapists, they are family."

*(Fremont County, Wyo.) *- For Ray Rintamaki, being active is just a way of life. Back in 2013, Ray started having severe pain in his back and could no longer walk the daily 4 miles to work, mow his own lawn or enjoy everyday activities without extreme discomfort. Surgery didn't improve his mobility or alleviate the pain, so in March of 2014, Ray started physical therapy at Teton Therapy. "He was a wreck when he first came in. The pain was so severe that he could barely walk. He was so hunched over in pain," said John Schutt, one of the many therapists who worked with Ray over his two-year recovery. Ray worked to gain his strength back over the course of 9 months. His therapists used a technique called "dry needling" to work out the cramping and knots in his body. He slowly progressed to a point where he could walk slightly upright, but was still in a lot of pain. Ray had a second surgery in 2015 and his surgeon was astounded with his progress and healing. His surgeon noted that Ray probably wouldn't be walking today if it weren't for the continual therapy he was given to maintain his strength and range of motion. Rays steadfast dedication to himself and his patience with the long and sometimes agonizing process of therapy has not only kept him out of a wheelchair, but has allowed him to return to his normal recreational activities and even return to the gym! "We are happy we could help Ray achieve his goals and get healthy. He will be missed very much at Teton Therapy." - The Teton Therapy Team Throughout his recovery at Teton Therapy, Ray quickly became more than just a patient. When Ray lost his beloved wife Sue this year, the entire Teton Team attended the funeral to show their support. "They aren't just therapists, they are family," Ray explained. *Teton Therapy is proud to share Ray's success story with County 10.* You can learn more by using the resources at or give them a call in Riverton at 307-857-7074 or in Lander at 307-332-2230. You can also connect with them of Facebook ! Feature Photo: Physical Therapist Assistant, Mark Doeble and Ray Rintamaki