Riverton Center of Hope shooter Clyde will spend the rest of his life in prison

Riverton shooting suspect Roy Clyde had his formal sentencing hearing this afternoon at the Fremont County Courthouse in Lander. About 40 people were present at the hearing, both from Clyde's family as well as the families of the victims Stallone Trosper and James “Sonny” Goggles, Jr. Read background of the shooting here . During this sentencing, five family members spoke on behalf of the victims. James "Sonny" Goggles Jr.'s three sisters spoke of the pain this has caused their family. "Sunny is recovering. He will always need assisted living. He'll always have memory problems. He needs help walking," said his sister Rose Goggles. All three of his sisters spoke of his strength and good character. "My brother is a warrior," said his sister Mary Warren in the direction of Roy Clyde. "One thing you didn't take from my brother was that he is a warrior." Angeline Vargas, Sonny's little sister expressed, "it is in God's hands and you will pay for what you did in prison and in heaven." Doreen Whiting, the mother of Stallone Trosper spoke but due to tears and poor microphone volume, it was very difficult to hear. Agnes Logan spoke on behalf of Trosper's sister Nykomia Whiting who was unable to speak to the court. "Sonny was like a father figure to my son. I hope what happened on July 18th brings Roy Clyde to justice and opens the world up to what happened. I show no sympathy." "That man [Roy] only cared about himself. He deserves to die in prison. No one should have the power to release him from his sentence," the prosecutor said. The defense attorney spoke and agreed with the sentencing saying, "We recommend that this is the appropriate sentence. We recognize this won't bring families and community back to normal. It is a positive thing that Roy immediately took ownership of this crime." He went on to shed light on some of the positive attributes of Roy Clyde, noting that Roy worked for the City of Riverton for 13 years, was an EMT for 13 years and also worked for for the Fire Department. "He also worked in all of the communities throughout Fremont County, including Riverton, Lander, Ethete, Fort Washakie, Dubois. Race was never a factor (in his EMT service)." He went on to say that he understands the community wants a reason "but there is no explanation for this irrational act." Since the shooting, many have argued that Clyde was racially motivated. The belief has the led the tribes to request the crime considered a federal hate crime, but to this point no federal charges have been levied. Roy Clyde was last to speak. He said in fighting back tears "I'm very sorry for what I did. I can't go back. If I could switch positions with either gentlemen, I would if it would bring them back. I'm sorry is all I can say." His pleas came as the result of an agreement with the state that effectively only took the death penalty off the table; the agreement stipulates that for the murder of Stallone Trosper, Clyde will serve life in prison without parole. For the attempted murder, he will serve a second life in prison term, that will run after the life without parole sentence. In essence, Clyde will be sentence to two life sentences, and since the first stipulates no release, Clyde will never live outside of bars again. #county10 #news