Lander Senator Case facing the return of his cancer

This morning Lander Sen. Cale Case confirmed to County 10 that his battle with melanoma has resumed. Case first announced the discovery of the cancer in Sept. 2014; since then he said he had successful experimental treatments. But the ugly disease re-appeared last month. Case said he was in a dentist appointment with Dr. Colton Crane, when Crane discovered a lump on Case's neck. It turned out to be a melanoma tumor. Today, Jan. 14, Case is beginning treatment at the Hunstman Cancer Center in Salt Lake City. He is taking part in a new clinical trial that, in short, is supposed to boost his immune system and utilizes a virus to attack the tumor locally. He's one of 64 undergoing the treatment. He said on the national stage, there are a number of innovate and promising melanoma treatments. "I always have good timing," he said. "I feel really good," Case said. "I'm not kidding." He added that he feels bad about missing legislative committee meetings in the coming weeks, but he said he's committed to being in Cheyenne for the majority of the budget session. In the current course of treatment, he said he's only expecting to have to leave briefly once during the session. Case is anxious to get to work, and is grateful for the whole community's support. *featured image: Cale Case, right, with his business partner, Shirley.* #county10 #news