CWC seeks name for success area. Enter to win!

CWC needs help building the future; name the new CWC success area and have a chance to win $100 gift card! A portion of main hall on Central Wyoming College’s Riverton campus is getting a revamp. Demolition began last week to pave the way for an area that will streamline enrollment processes for CWC students. The college is focusing on high quality, student-centered services that will put students on the path to success. This path to success begins with a new student success area which is being constructed now. This space will make registration easier and more efficient, providing CWC students with focused support. The physical layout will bring registration and records, admissions, financial aid and advising departments together in one easy-to-navigate center, temporarily being called the “one-stop.” CWC is reaching out to the community for help! Instead of keeping the generic name “one-stop” CWC is seeking a name that would be unique to this college. The person who submits the winning name will receive a $100 gift card. Please make your suggestions HERE and be creative! It’s not just buildings that are getting a revamp, some CWC processes and philosophies are too. CWC plans to implement additional strategies to help students reach their educational goals by utilizing student-focused practices. Beginning this semester all students will be assigned a “success coach” in addition to their faculty advisor. Students will have one success coach for their duration of time at CWC who will be instrumental in following student progress and ensuring students stay on track and are supported throughout their college careers at CWC. “The student runaround has been a point of stress for a long time. We are thrilled to take advantage of this opportunity to rethink our enrollment process and make sure it sets students up for success from the very beginning,” Vice president for Student Affairs Coralina Daly said. CWC will be undergoing several changes in the upcoming months; changes that stem from strategic planning focused on key areas. The college’s leadership team has been working hard to identify key areas of focus which include: student success, positive employee engagement, sustainability, community resource and workforce development and lastly partnerships and collaborations. These areas of focus have been chosen to enhance the college’s ability to provide excellent educational services, and best position CWC for the future. “This new strategic plan will really help us focus our energy and resources on those five key results. Through the planning process so far, I’m thrilled about all the great input we’ve received from CWC faculty and staff about the future of our college,” said Louisa Hunker, director of institutional effectiveness. This is an exciting time for CWC. The college has dedicated faculty and staff who want CWC to continue to be an asset to the communities it serves, and to provide the best opportunities for student success. #news #cwc #sponsored #county10