District 25 looking to establish an Early Childhood Program in the elementary schools

The Riverton School Board has been presented with a proposal to create an Early Childhood Center with a reconfiguration of the District's elmenetary schools for this coming fall. With the opening of the new Willow Creek Elementary expected late this summer, Superintendent Terry Snyder said "If we are going to make a change and move in this direction, we should do it this year." In presenting the proposal to the board, Snyder emphacised "that we don't want to compete with those good existing (pre school) programs in the community. I want to make it clear that we will wook cooperatively with all agencies in the community." He said district administrators began looking at an early childhood center, much like the one in Thermopolis, because fixing the high school drop out rate begins in Kindergarten. "We have a significan number, over half of the kids (entering Kindgarten) are not ready for school. That is just too big of a gap to overcome, we have to get involved at an earlier stage to accomplish our stated goals," Snyder said. "Our achievement is not where we want it to be. We really have to turh over every stone on how we can make a difference." The exact form of how the Early Childhood Center will be configured in the district is still a work in progress, but he noted it might be three buidlings with grades one-through-three with the proposed center integrated into those three with Rendezvous moving to a 4-5 building only. He said the district does not have a name for the new program yet. Snyder said there will be public meetings held on the proposal. "We want everyone to express their thoughts. We'll have specific meetings for each school, but if a parent or guardian cannot make the meeting at their school, they can attend a different school's session. The meetings will be January 18th at Ashgrove, Jan. 19th at Aspen Park, Jan. 12st at Jackson, and Jan. 28th a community meeting at the Central Office. The meetings will each start at 5:30 p.m. #county10 #news