Long time local service station changes its flag

Riverton Tire and Oil and its RTO Hilltop stations are now carrying the Spirit logo, the flag of the Petroleum Marketing Association for independent dealers. RTO owner Joe Stanbury said the change was made "because I'm passionate about providing ethanol-free fuel for our long-time customers." He said his previous brand, Sinclair, did not offer ethanol-free fuel. "We want to provide the premium ethanol-free fuel for ATVs, motorcycles, and small engines. Fuel containing ethanol is very hard on small engines," he said. "And vehicles using ethanol-free fuel get better gas mileage." The switch to the new flag appeared on the station's signage and fuel pumps this past week. [image: Inline image 1] "It's a little bittersweet because we've been with the Sinclar brand for a long time, since 1961. We started with Sinclair," he said. Stanbury also noted the local brand changed over the years with competition in the fuel industry. Former RTO brands besides Sinclair included Arco and Husky. "It's a way we can stay independent. The Petroleum Marketing Association allows small independents to use its Sprit Flag to have an identity," he said. RTO's main business remains tires and auto service.