New protocol at RHS, new Frontier Academy has greatly reduced expulsions, increased graduation numbers

A change in procedures at Riverton High School, and the opening of the district's Frontier Academy, has greatly reduced the number of expulsions when compared with three years ago. "With programming, counseling, and intervention to help the kid instead of putting them out a year has been successful," according to Superintendent Terry Snyder. "We've developed customized solutions as an alternative to expulsion." One of the new procedures is establishing a contract with the student that spells out what he or she needs to do. "The kids expel themselves now," said Assistant Principal Reggie Miller. "They are the ones who break their contract." When a student is proposed for a stipulated contract, the parents/guardians become involved. "We tell them we want their kids to be in school. The process includes expanded restorative justice programs, having the student be more responsible and understanding the consequences if they don't fulfill the contract," he said. Just two students have been expelled this school year, which is now half way through. Just five years ago, there were 30 expulsions. Snyder said the Frontier Academy now helps get students at risk back on track so they can graduate. [image: Inline image 1] #county10 #news