Riverton Speeders: West Main is town's favorite high acceleration zone

The Riverton Police Department reports the most speeding citations during the past year occurred on West Main Street where 54 citations were issued along with 165 warnings. The deacceleration zone on West Main for traffic coming into town on Highway 26 begins just before the WYDOT District. The speed limit changes from 65 to 45 mph, but according to the RPD statistics, few drivers actually slow down until well past the college heading east. Conversely, the 45 MPH zone on West Main begins just past Major Avenue and 65 MPH begins past Cooper Road. Once the speed increases to 45, few motorists stop at that speed and zoom past the cemetery already going well over the limit. A special speed zone enforcement grant was concentrated on West Main, resulting in the high number of citations and warnings. Riverton locations with large numbers of speeders include: West Main 54 citations 165 Warnings East Main 4 Citations 18 Warnings South Federal 8 Citations 29 Warnings North Federal 18 Citations 70 Warnings WebbWood 16 Citations 46 Warnings North8thWest 11 School Zone Citations 0 Citations in 30 mph zone 12 Warnings in 30 MPH West Sunset 7 Citations 15 Warnings #county10 #news