Workforce office swamped with job seekers

The Riverton Workforce Center has been a busy place over the past three weeks. According to the county's workforce centers director Burl Geis, 1,540 people have come in for services. Not all of the folks are unemployed, he said, but a majority were. Others were coming in to file unemployment paperwork, some were looking for a better job and a variety of other services, such as internet job services on the state's job site computer and employers filing job postings. "It's too bad because we don't have as many jobs listed as usual, it's a small number now compared to what we usually have," Geis said. "The biggest share of folks coming in were out of work," he said, Geis said, "we had 214 visits three weeks ago on Monday, we had 240 visits two weeks ago on Monday, and this past Monday we had 204." On Thursday, he said there had been about 170 people come in and sign in at the front desk. "It's a steady stream. It's been like that all week." The downturn in the oil and gas business, and the ripples extending out from that, were causing the high numbers of job seekers. "It's tough out there right now," he said. #county10 #news