A Wyoming Great retired from the NFL this year; A look back at M80

Today is the next to the last week for professional football's current season. The Pro Bowl is today in Hawai'i and the Super Bowl, featuring local favorite Denver, is next week. The end of the football season also means the end for many a player as they hang their cleats up. The NFL's San Diego Chargers' home page headlined a story a few weeks ago about former Wyoming Cowboys wide receiver Malcolm Floyd, "A Charger Unlike Any Other." Floyd joined the Chargers right out of Laramie as an undrafted wide reciever. The Chargers acknowledged what many Wyoming fans knew all too well, the special unselfish player wearing number 80 and known affectionately in Charger Nation as M80, was someone special. Malcolm Floyd retired this year after 16 years, all with the San Diego chargers. Read the Floyd tribute here . *Feature Photo: San Diego Chargers / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news #springcity