Want to improve your child’s development? Occupational Therapy can help.

When Brayden first came to Teton Therapy to meet with an Occupational Therapist, he was having trouble with his morning routine, and he was having problems in school. Brayden is a 5th grade championship swimmer, but he had difficulty focusing on everyday tasks. Getting out of bed, eating breakfast, and getting dressed were tasks that seemed to be especially difficult for him and his mother, Janet. Every morning was a struggle. “I needed the most help getting up and going in the morning,” Brayden says. One day, Janet was listening to the radio and heard Bill, the Occupational Therapist at Teton Therapy. He was talking about his work with children who have ADHD and other cognitive and behavioral issues. Janet thought that it sounded a lot like Brayden, so she brought him in for a free consult. After meeting with Bill, she decided to bring him in for a full Occupational Therapy program to help get him on the right track. Many people don’t realize that Occupational Therapy (OT) can help children with cognitive and behavioral disabilities participate fully in school, at home, and in all social situations. It’s a powerful tool that can help a child develop to their full potential. Occupational Therapy helps develop, recover, and maintain the daily living and work skills of people with physical or cognitive disorders. [image: Inline image 2] A child’s life is made up of daily activities, or “occupations,” such as playing, learning, and socializing. When a child’s development in daily activities is delayed, an Occupational Therapist will work with the child to develop age-appropriate self-care routines and habits. This creates a healthier and happier child who is able to socialize better in school and at home, which then reduces the stress that many families face. The Occupational Therapy team at Teton Therapy is knowledgeable about stages of childhood development and milestones. The staff at Teton Therapy understands that every family has different physical, emotional, and spiritual energy levels, as well as different medical, home, and financial resources. Their team will work individually with each child and family to help the child cope and adapt, which then helps support their caregivers. Since Brayden started Occupational Therapy at Teton Therapy, his mom says that he has had significant improvement concentrating and doing what he’s supposed to do every morning and afternoon. She says he has been paying more attention in school, and when he does get distracted, he is better able to get back on track. Brayden also thinks he’s been getting better, especially in his morning routine. And his favorite part of OT? “Fun stuff! I like doing the puzzles!” [image: Inline image 1] If your school-age child is having trouble in school, problems developing social bonds, or issues with following directions, the OT staff at Teton Therapy can help. Teton Therapy’s offices in Lander and Riverton offer free half-hour consultations. Call or stop in to schedule a no-strings-attached consultation with Bill to help your child reach their full potential. You can reach Teton Therapy in Lander at 307-332-2230, or in Riverton at 307-857-7074. #county10 #news #sponsored #tetontherapy