Quilts of Honor presented to Vets at nursing home

Westward Nursing Home held a Quilts of Valor Ceremony for their seven military individuals who reside there. The event was one week ago on Tuesday, Jan. 26th. Life Enrichment Assistant Janet Mullins-Keiser was responsible for the ceremony as well as being the mistress of the ceremony. Those receiving the Quilts were Mr. Jack Cuthbertson who served in the Air Force and Mrs Betty McAllenan who served in the Army Air Corp during World War II; Mr Mel Tofoya who served in the Navy, Paul Jacobson who served in the Army; Frank Kieser who served in the Air Force, and Archie "Zane" Gray who served in the Army all during the Korean war; along with Trinidad Herrera who served in the Air Force during Viet Nam. [image: Inline image 1] *(Janet Mullins-Keiser / Pitchengine Communities) * After the residents presentation, three other quilts of Valor were presented to two Military individuals who were in the Honor Guard: Bob Keiser who served in the Army during Viet Nam and Charles Carpenter who served in the Marine Corps and Army during the Viet Nam war. The third Quilt was presented to Amanda DeVore who served in Iraq and is a Nurse at Westward Heights Nursing Home. Congratulation to our Veterans! *Feature Photo: The Westward Heights recipients of the Quilts of Valor. (Janet Mullins-Keiser / Pitchengine Communities) * *#county10 #news *