Two dogs put down after vicious attack on pedestrian five days ago

(Riverton, Wyo.) - Both of the dogs involved in the attack on a 30-year-old pedestrian in Riverton last week have been put down, according to the Riverton Police Department. Captain Eric Murphy said the dogs were taken to quarantine at the Stock Doc after they were identified and located. The victim of the attack, who received 40 stitches to his face, positively identified the dogs, a black mixed breed and a brown Pit bull. The dogs, however, escaped their quarantine and were loose inside the building when employees came to work the next morning. "They were allegedly trying to attack the windows in an attempt to get out," Murphy said, referencing a follow-up report on the incident. The dogs were again controlled and returned back to their quarantine cages. The owner was called in who decided to surrender the dogs, and they were put down. On Monday, yesterday, a rabies test on the two dogs came back negative. The man who was attacked by the dogs had decided not to start an anti-rabies treatment and Monday's results confirmed the dogs were not infected. The attack five days ago occurred in the 100 block of North 6th East. The owner of the dogs was cited for harboring vicious animals. #county10 #news