County 10's I-80 crash story from last year is going viral again

Coinciding with a snow storm that just moved across much of Wyoming, a County 10 post from April 2015 is getting shared like the flu. People are sharing it like it happened today. Yes, the weather on I-80 has been bad the last couple days, but this crash happened last year. Back on April 16, 2015, more than 40 cars piled up on I-80 during extremely snowy conditions. A number of people were injured, but luckily no one lost their lives. The story was shared widely then, and we published multiple posts with our readers about the craziness of the crash, including reader-submitted photos and videos. But one seems to have struck a chord with many people: this video of the crash taken by someone on-the-ground, showing tractor-trailer after tractor-trailer collide. As many of the recent sharers have pointed out, it shows the hazards of driving in near white-out conditions and the necessity to give some space between yourself and vehicles in front of you. #county10 #news