Ombudsman now on the job in Riverton

Jane Juve has been on the job as of today for about 15 hours as the Riverton Police Department's new civil rights and bias investigator and ombudsman. It's a position created to respond community complaints about civil rights violations and serving as the point of contact for individuals who have a discrimination complaint. Wednesday morning Juve was in the process of reviewing national civil rights legislation and Wyoming State Statues related to her job. "I'm putting an outline together and doing a lot of preliminary work in advance of meeting with members of the public," she said. The former Riverton City Attorney 15 years ago, Juve said she has an understanding of the wider community. "This has always been a proactive and can-do community," she said. "When a problem is identified, people commit to finding a solution." Juve's previous experience along that line was the creation of the Fremont County Alcohol Crisis Center, which has now evolved into the Center of Hope. At that time, the entire county and the Wind River Reservation came together to address alcohol abuse problems in the community. "People work best when we work together and some bridges between the communities already exist and those need to be reinforced and new bridges built," Juve said. "We have worked together before and I hope we can come together again." Juve's appointment to this part-time position was announced last month by Police Chief Mike Broadhead, following the backlash and charges of racial discrimination after two Native American men were shot at the Center of Hope by a city parks employee. That worker, Roy Clyde, is now serving a life sentence for the killing of Stalone Trosper and the wounding of James "Sonny" Goggles, Jr. Juve has been practicing law and living in Sheridan. She said she is working with other lawyers up north in transitioning her cases and plans to move back to the area soon. *Feature Photo: Jane Juve is pictured in her new office in the Crime Victims Department at the RPD. (Pitchengine Communities) * #county10 #news