Happening Now: County leaders deciding on economic development projects

Participants in the Tour 23 Program from last summer gathered in Riverton this morning to discuss what kind of economic development projects they could rally around and promote to boost the local county economy. The Tour 23 effort was a project of the Wyoming Business Alliance in cooperation with the Wyoming Business Council. This morning, 30 representatives from across the county and Wind River Reservation discussed projects including enhanced air service at Riverton Regional Airport and other transportation related issues, local job creation and, collaborating with Central Wyoming College on a new animal sciences building, to cite a few. In attendance this morning were two local state lawmakers, Sen. Eli Bebout and Rep. David Miller, plus Northrn Arapaho Business Councilman Ron Oldman. Bebout suggested the group may want to hitch its wagon to the CWC project, as money for that has been set aside in the legislature. Bebout suggested the college facility could be combined with a local effort to relocate the county fairgrounds at a site near the current campus on county-owned land. "We know that the project will move forward, if we can do it right and involve the fair board, cities and towns and CWC, we could have somethign the entire county would be proud of and be able to use. But we have to do it now, I don't know if Dave (Miller) and I can hold that money for another year," he said. Oldman said that while the Tribe had particiapted in economic development issues in the past, he was there to let the county know they want to be involved again. The group consensus was to pitch the Animal Sciences/fairgrounds idea to the county commissioners to see if they would consider supporting such a project as a first step. *Feature Photo: St. Sen. Eli Bebout leaned over to whisper something to St. Rep. David Miller at this morning's Tour 23 meeting at the Wind River Hotel and Casino. (Pitchengine Communities) * #county10 #news