Job Shadowing very visible on Tuesday; Job Corps students worked in town

There was a lot of shadowing going on during Ground Hog Day on Tuesday. Even though our Lander Lil didn't see her shadow on that very cloudy day, the Wind River Job Corps Center sent out 34 students throughout the community on a "Job Shadow" event. [image: Inline image 2] *At Central Wyoming College: Patrick Edwards, Theresa Burrel, Lindsay Freeman, Jesse Langmacher, Dezary Mason, Jonathon Thompson and Cody Limberhand. (MTC/Wind River Job Corps / Pitchengine Communities) * Students went to Rocky Mountain Pre-Mix, Pertech Industries, Fletten Construction, WYDOT, JR Simms Welding, Hoffman Electric, TERO at Fort Washakie and to Central Wyoming College. [image: Inline image 3] *Staff members Carol Simms and Elizabeth Leonhardt donned the Sumo Wrestling suits for some pre-job shadow fun. (MTC/Wind River Job Corps / Pitchengine Communities) * "They were all great, really, they were very attentive and pretty knowledgeable on most things, really hard workers," said J. R. Simms at his welding company. "They did a good job. I showed them stuff one time and they were mentoring each other, especially those who had enrolled earlier were helping the newer students. They did an awesome job building a fire pit project I had. In the short time they were here, they got 60 percent of the job completed, and it was a good size job." [image: Inline image 1] *Breanna and Jim Shakespeare hosted students at the Tribal Rights Employment Office at Fort Washakie. (MTC/Wind River Job Corps / Pitchengine Communities) * The job shadowing continues today with students heading over to Wells Fargo Bank this afternoon to learn about money management. *Feature Photo: Wind River Job Corps Students participated in a job shadowing activity on Tuesday. Pictured above are students at Fletten Construction Company, Garth Kottke, Shawn McCarty, Santee Moss, Mike Chaput and Gerry Glasser. (MTC/Wind River Job Corps / Pitchengine Communities) * *[image: Inline image 4]* *BOOM! The "Sumo wrestlers" collide on the WRCJC gym floor! **(MTC/Wind River Job Corps / Pitchengine Communities) * *#county10 #news *