Community Q/A: What's the deal with all those U-Hauls in town?

(Riverton, Wyo.) - Is the economy that bad that people are flocking out of town? That's the talk downtown after locals began to notice that the U-Haul dealer on the 300 block of North Federal was parking rental moving trucks on both sides of the 700 block of East Jackson and across the street in the parking lot of the closed Miss Ginney's Roost. A total of 12 trucks are parked in the area, but owner John Dent said it's a seasonal thing, and not an indication that people are moving away. "We had UPS, FedEx, the postal service and a bakery all rent trucks from us over the holiday period for their crush of business, and they all came back recently," Dent said. "I do have one move to North Dakota on the books and a local rental, but it's pretty normal for this time of the year." Dent said he doesn't usually park his available trucks on the street, but he ran out of space. "I've got two more coming in this week, too," he said. Dent, a former Offshore Oil Platform engineer in California in the 80s, said there would've been even more trucks parked around his business had it not been for sending five trucks to other locations in the state. "It's like this right now with most of the dealers, inventory is high. Come March people will start moving again and It'll pick up in April," he said. Dent also noted that U-Haul dealers in Casper, Lander, Pinedale, Thermopolis and another Riverton dealer all have extra units right now. "It's just the season," he said. #county10 #news