Riverton man defrauded out of $850 in telephone scam

Riverton police reported Monday that a 59-year-old Riverton resident fell victim to a phone scam and lost $850. The man received a call on his cell phone allegedly from "Megamillions" telling him he had won a $4.5 million jackpot. The man asked the victim if he had used his credit card at Walmart, and when he said he had, the caller told him, "You were automatically entered at the store." That was a lie, a police report said. The victim was given instructions on how to collect the grand prize, which included sending the caller $850 to "release the funds" another other accounting items. He was also told that someone from the IRS would be calling to confirm the prize. Captain Eric Murphy said the man did as he was instructed and completed the transaction at the Walmart Financial Center. When the second man called, he was told he needed to send an additional $1,000. When the victim became suspicious, the caller said that was okay, he only needed to send $650. When the man lowered the fee to $400, the victim caught on and hung up, "It's too bad, there no way to trace these calls and the gentleman is out $850. I don't know of anyone who has a spare $850 laying around," Murphy said. "Calls like this are always scams because lotteries, the Publisher's Clearing House and such never call the winners asking for money. If they do, hang up, it's a scam." #county10 #news