A video that captures Fremont County beautifully; find your Wild West Story

*(Fremont County, Wyo.) *- Cowgirls. Fishermen. Fatbikers. Cultural explorers. Road trippers. All types have a story in Wyoming’s Wind River Country . The proof is in the footage. Wind River Country has a new video out, and it captures vacation—and life—in Fremont County beautifully. We invite you to take a visual tour of Wind River Country , find your inspiration and pioneer your own adventure in the authentic Wild West. *About Wind River Country/Fremont County* Wyoming’s Wind River Country is the authentic, untamed West. It holds the answers to your adventurous spirit. Come discover new things like the best route to Yellowstone, see a Native American powwow, ride a horse or holler at a rodeo, pan for real gold, and hike in country that will take your breath away. Find the pace to think, the room to breathe, and the uncontrived adventure to rejuvenate your soul in Wind River Country . Keep in touch with Wind River Country: Facebook – Fan us! You Tube – Watch us! Twitter – Follow us! #news #sponsored #county10 #wrvc