Believe in Medicaid expansion? Here's how to let your legislators know

Everyone in Wyoming gets sick sometimes and when that happens, it is important to make sure people can see a doctor. There are about 20,000 people that fall into an insurance gap here in Wyoming. The way the law is written, they don't qualify for any programs to help, but make too little to purchase insurance. Medicaid expansion would help Wyoming citizens eligible for insurance in other states to see doctors where they live here at home. And Medicaid expansion would also help the state increase the number of doctors and nurses. If you think Wyoming citizens deserve the same level of health care options, sign the petition today. It’s time to close this insurance gap and bring much-needed money back to Wyoming. Sign this petition today and let our legislators know Medicaid Expansion is the right choice for Wyoming . Medicaid expansion would bring Wyoming millions of dollars to help the state attract more doctors and nurses, while giving our hard-working friends and neighbors the ability to see the doctor when over-the-counter medicine just isn't going to cut it. Across Wyoming, people are saying Medicaid expansion is the right choice for our state. Add your name to the petition for Medicaid expansion; your voice can help solve this problem. Healthy Wyoming is a coalition of community and business leaders, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers from Wyoming working for quality, affordable healthcare for everyone in Wyoming. If you want to know more, their website is #county10 #oilcity #reboot #buckrail #shortgo #county17 #dally #springcity #news #sponsored #health #healthywyo