LVHS Academic Letter Winners honored today

Today, Lander Valley High School recognized its high achieving academics this afternoon at an Athletic Letter Awards assembly. "Students must maintain a 3.5 GPA and pass at least 3.5 credits each semester for 2 consecutive semesters," Principal Brad Neuendorf said. "We do this only in the fall and spring. In the spring it is extra special as we recognize the seniors who have earned this honor each time they were eligible for a total of 6 times. This year we have a record number of seniors who have earned that distinction (28)." Below are the names of all the Seniors who received 6 letters: Berg , Brooke Carey, Kimberlee Carr, Taurey Cecrle, Caleb Cleveland , Landon Cole, Necha Colovich, Ethan Countryman, Ryon Dehnert, Janelle Deromedi , Kami Hart, Kayley [image: IMG_0564.JPG] Jacobson , Alexandra Koryn, Rachel 12 Leemon, Griffin Logue, Alyssa Massey, Trey Mele, Haley Meyer, Braeden Patrick, Jenna Poitras, Annika Robinson, Anna [image: IMG_0567.JPG] Scott, Keaton Simpson, Jayson Sutton, Sage Troxel, Rachael Williams, Christopher Womack, Allison Womack, Walter #county10 #news