No to politics: District 25 Board supports Medicaid Expansion

(Riverton, Wyo.) - The Riverton School Board went on record this week to support Medicaid expansion in Wyoming. The vote was 6-1 with only Kevin Tippets objecting. "The Governor is passionate about education and Medicaid because the state is leaving $31 million on the table in a budget shortfall year," said Board Chairman Carl Manning, who is also the President of the Wyoming School Boards Association. "The governor asked the association for opinions on whether to endorse his plan and support $260-million over five years that could come and help us over time. The Joint Appropriations Committee on a split 6-5 vote took Medicaid expansion out of the state's budget," Manning said. "It does impact children in District 25. Kids who are not healthy in our schools don't have decent health care." In a poll of the board: • Dean Peranteaux: "Yes. The reality is we are paying taxes and not getting a refund. It's money that our taxes have paid. It's a way for dollars to come back to Wyoming." • Sandy Barton: "This is a time and a place where politics should not be involved. This is right for kids and families and not for politics. We've seen hundreds of students sick and have to go to the Emergency Room and hospitals have to eat the expenses, then we pay it in insurance. While I believe there is a huge Federal overreach in Wyoming, I support this." • Lorenzo Chinouard: "I can't tell you how many times kids came in (to my classroom) sick, those are the kids who fall through the cracks. I'm supportive." • Lynette Jeffres: "While I'm also not a fan of Federal funds, we are trying to grow a healthy community. It's like planting a tree. If we don't feed the roots what comes up is weak. This is part of feeding the tree. I agree, it's time to take politics out of this. We need this. I support it." • Glenn Ogg: "Yes, I'm in support of it for the same reasons. If it helps our kids, go for it." • Kevin Tippets, "I don't support it. I don't trust the money will get the place where it needs to go." Manning said each school board in the state is being polled with the results expected on Friday. He thanked the board for their comments. The result of the District 25 poll will be forwarded to the State School Boards Association. #county10 #news