Medicaid expansion... Before deciding what you think, ask yourself, who do you trust?

There is a debate going on in Cheyenne about whether Wyoming should accept Medicaid expansion. Before deciding what you think, ask yourself, who do you trust? If your teacher told you something in school, you could bet it was true. Much of the time, what you hear from your pastor can be taken as gospel, and it is rare that your doctor, nurse, or local hospital will ever steer your wrong. Right now the state’s teachers , doctors , nurses, pastors , hospitals and others, such as The League of Women Voters, the state’s business community , AARP , Wyoming Association of Municipalities , and The American Heart Association are asking you to support Medicaid Expansion in Wyoming. Wyoming Governor Matt Mead used his State of the State address this week to explain the need for Medicaid expansion in Wyoming. Newspapers in Sheridan , Casper , Cheyenne , and Jackson have also studied the issue and they all agree it is time to expand Medicaid. *You can help support Medicaid expansion in Wyoming by signing our online petition and by contacting your legislators and telling them you support Medicaid Expansion. * Expanding Medicaid would improve the access to health care providers for nearly 20,000 Wyoming citizens who can’t afford insurance. That healthcare would be paid for by bringing $268 million in taxes paid to the federal government by Wyoming citizens back to Wyoming. By expanding Medicaid we help keep prices of healthcare down for all of us, while making it easier to recruit doctors. Along the way, we can help to keep state government from losing the $33 million this year that Medicaid could provide. There is some opposition to Medicaid expansion in Wyoming mainly from out-of-state Super PACs who would prefer that Wyoming not get its tax dollars back. They don’t appreciate that, in Wyoming, we take care of our neighbor – especially when our neighbor is a child or too sick to stand up for themselves. These Super PACs and other political groups will spend their time and money trying to convince you Medicaid expansion isn’t right for Wyoming. One more thing to consider - in Wyoming we don’t tend to think highly of the decisions made in Washington. Some of these lobbying organizations who don’t think we should expand Medicaid are actually giving control of Wyoming’s health care to the feds and taking the choice out of our hands. Walking away from Medicaid expansion actually reduces how and where Wyoming can get healthcare. The Obama administration has already made life difficult on Wyoming through coal leasing moratoriums and through other regulation. Let’s let the feds know we can make our own choices and expand Medicaid. As they do, ask yourself, who do you trust? Politicians and lobbyists from the east coast, or your own community's teachers, pastors and doctors? *Sponsored by Healthy Wyoming.* #county10 #oilcity #reboot #buckrail #shortgo #county17 #dally #springcity #news #sponsored #health #healthywyo