Ten drunk drivers taken off of local highways during Super Bowl weekend; No injury crashes recorded

(Riverton, Wyo.) - As part of the countywide, multi-agency seat belt and DWUI enforcement operation “Zero Deaths, Zero DUIs” this past weekend, Fremont County law enforcement arrested 10 drunk drivers Feb. 5-7. During the three-day operation, area law enforcement made 411 traffic stops, issued 77 speeding citations, 11 seat belt citations, 122 other citations, and issued 280 warnings. There were no traffic fatalities or injury crashes reported over the weekend. The purpose of the enhanced enforcement operation was to educate drivers about DUI laws and to remind people it’s never safe to drive impaired. Law enforcement looks to reinforce the importance of wearing seat belts and to enforce the state’s zero-tolerance stance toward impaired driving. Agencies staffing the Fremont County operation include the Wyoming Highway Patrol, Lander Police Department, Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, Riverton Police Department, Shoshoni Police Department, Wyoming State Park Rangers and the BIA Wind River Police Department. According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, there have been seven fatalities on Wyoming roads as of Feb. 10. At least four people who have died in 2016 were not wearing their seat belts. Along with the ongoing enhanced enforcement effort, the Wyoming Highway Patrol is urging drivers to help keep Wyoming’s roadways safe by calling the Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately (REDDI) hotline number at 1-800-442-9090 to report suspected drunk drivers. Callers should be prepared to provide the dispatcher with a description of the vehicle, its location, and direction of travel. Funding for the impaired driving, seat belt campaign is possible through a federal grant secured by the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s highway safety office. Partners in the Zero Deaths, Zero DUIs campaign included Injury Prevention Resources, Lamar Billboards and the Wyoming Department of Transportation. #county10 #news