RHS Club's Traffic Hazard Signs now up along College View Drive

(Riverton, Wyo.) - Last fall the Riverton High School's Club Hope became a chapter of the SADD (used to be students against drunk driving is now students against destructive decisions). With that action, SADD made $1,000 dollars available for the club to something about destructive decisions. "We decided a group of signs that would remind the community daily about the hazards of not buckling up, buzzed driving, texting and driving, speeding and distracting activities while driving would be a good use of that money. The city of Riverton donated the sign posts and installed the signs for us," according to a news release from the club. [image: Inline image 1] *The signs are placed along College View Drive next to the high school. (Pitchengine Communities)* Club Hope is an active club sponsoring activities for treating others with kindness, appreciating differences, expressing gratitude and learning to forgive others. We believe it is possible to fight bullying with kindness, a take off the quote "You can not fight hate with hate, you can only fight hate with love." We encourage compliments and hugs on a daily basis. "We are currently doing our Kindness Bingo where students cross off boxes on the bingo card by doing acts of kindness like texting your parents and telling them you love them or high-fiving 10 people or smiling at ten people. When they bring their cards in for a treat reward we have conversations about how it felt to smile at 10 people and what was their reaction as you smiled at them... It makes a good vibe in the halls," according to the Club. *---RHS Club Hope* #county10 #news