Legislature: Bebout working to get Prison Farm Land; Sale of GTNP parcels

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - While the work at the 63rd Legislative Session centers around the state's biennial budget, there have been a few bills that have made the two-thirds cut for introduction and will be discussed. Riverton State Senator Eli Bebout said the sale of a some 300 plus acres north of Walmart in Riverton from the Wyoming Honor Farm is still on the table, along with bills that would allow for new capital construction at the Wyoming Life Resource Center in Lander and at the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston. "We're moving ahead with those projects from the AML monies that our Congressional Delegation secured for us," he said. He said the land north of Walmart would be returned to private ownership and auctioned for future development purposes for Riverton. The state facilities would be getting new construction to replace older out-of-date buildings. Bebout said he favors one-time spending for projects, rather than a growth in government for operations. Another piece of legislation sponsored by Bebout concerns the sale of the last two state school parcels within Grand Teton National Park. "It's been a frustrating process," he told "We ought to do it for a fair price, but getting the National Park Service to come along has been a nightmare. We were able to buy two small parcels three years ago, but that's where it ended. Now they've come back wanting us to buy the remainder." Bebout said the state legislature will sell the parcels, "but we'll get what it is worth plus a $10-million Cost of Opportunity charge." *Feature Photo: The Joint Appropriations Committee meeting room at the Jonah Business Center, the temporary home of the Wyoming State Legislature. (Legislative Service Office / Pitchengine Communities) * #county10 #news