Would Medicaid Expansion Impact you? The Nine Occupations Who would benefit from Medicaid

While there is plenty of talk about Medicaid expansion, but would Medicaid expansion help if it is passed? FamiliesUSA released research recently which has shown the nine professions whose workers have jobs, but are uninsured and would benefit from expanding health coverage. If the state chooses to expand its Medicaid program to cover more Wyomingites, most of those who would benefit are working, according to FamiliesUSA research. In fact, 72 percent–more than 17,000–of these Wyomingites are currently working or have worked within the last year. *The top nine occupations of the employed but uninsured in Wyoming who would benefit from expanding health coverage include:* *No. 9 Healthcare support: * This group of 700 includes home health care aids; nursing aides; and dental assistants who would be covered by health insurance thanks to Medicaid Expansion. *No. 8 Childcare workers:* The 800 Wyomingites who may benefit from expansion include those who are watching our children in daycares, as well as recreation workers, and personal care aids for those taking care of our grandparents, parents, and other loved ones. *No. 7 Transportation workers:* Over 1,200 Wyoming citizens who drive trucks, busses, and other freight laborers would be impacted for the positive by Medicaid expansion. *No. 6 Production workers: * 1,200 who work in laundry cleaners, machinists, and butchers are included in this category. *No. 5 Sales:* better than 1,500 cashiers, clerks and others working in retail stores would be covered by Medicaid Expansion in Wyoming. *No. 4 Office and Administrative Support: * Those who answer phones, work as clerks in hotels, and other customer service clerks would benefit to the tune of 1,600 Wyoming workers who could be covered by expansion. *No. 3 Construction:* The construction industry stands to be one of the most impacted by Medicaid Expansion in Wyoming as an estimated 1,900 carpenters, painters, and laborers would benefit from Medicaid Expansion. *No. 2 Cleaning and Maintenance: * Housekeepers, janitors and landscapers make up the second largest group of Wyomingites who could be covered by Medicaid Expansion in Wyoming. Nearly 2,000 are in a position to benefit from expansion. *No. 1 Food service: * The single largest occupation who would benefit from Medicaid Expansion is food service workers. Expansion would help to bring health insurance coverage to those who cook and serve our food at restaurants, as 2,900 food service workers could be covered, according to FamiliesUSA. [image: Inline image 1] Accepting federal funds would allow Wyoming to expand its Medicaid program to cover residents with incomes up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level, which is $27,310 for a family of three in 2014. The state’s current Medicaid program covers only parents with extremely low incomes: Their family income must be no more than 61 percent of poverty, which is roughly $12,072 for a family of three. Wyoming does not provide any coverage to adults without dependent children. Sign this petition today and let our legislators know Medicaid Expansion is the right choice for Wyoming. *Sponsored by Health Wyoming.* #county10 #oilcity #reboot #buckrail #shortgo #county17 #dally #springcity #news #sponsored #health #healthywyo