Bald Eagle shot near Riverton; Investigation ongoing

*Feature Photo: The injured Bald Eagle at the Bird Rescue Center in Cody before it died. (Susan Ahalt-Ironside Bird Rescue via WGFD / Pitchengine Communities) * (Riverton, Wyo.) - South Riverton Wyoming Game and Fish Department Warden Brad Gibb has started working on a case involving a bald eagle that appears to have been shot. Brad responded to a call in the Riverton area about a sick eagle sitting in corrals, unwilling or unable to fly. Once the eagle was captured it was transferred it to Ironside Bird Rescue, a raptor rehabilitation center in Cody. X-rays revealed multiple pieces of lead shot in the breast and digestive track and blood tests revealed some level of lead poisoning. For a couple weeks, the bird appeared to be getting better, gaining weight and flying, then sadly and unexpectedly he went blind (common side effect of lead poisoning), was unable to stand, and died. Gibb is coordinating with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service special agents and the case is ongoing. #county10 #news