Wyoming has turned away over $220 million. You read that right.

The State of Wyoming’s decision against expanding Medicaid to cover more residents is costing the state economy millions of dollars each month. This counter provides an up-to-the-minute total of dollars foregone by the state since Jan. 1, 2014. et the Wyoming legislature know you are sick of them wasting this opportunity. Our economic times mean we have to spend our money wisely and not accepting federal funds intended to provide health care to the most vulnerable in Wyoming, is not right. Medicaid Expansion will be debated on Friday. Please click here to fill out the form. In the top box please select SF0001 - General government appropriations (it is the very first SF, about two thirds of the way down the entire list). Fill out the rest of the form (don't worry if you don't know who your legislators are, just leave these blank if you do not know) and in the comments section be sure to write, "I support Medicaid Expansion because I care about the health of all Wyoming Citizens." *Sponsored by Health Wyoming* #county10 #oilcity #reboot #buckrail #shortgo #county17 #dally #springcity #news #sponsored #health #healthywyo #bootstrapped