Lander area elk herd on par with previous years

Wyoming Game and Fish has been conducting wildlife surveys and recently completed the South Wind River and Green Mountain elk surveys out of the Lander Game and Fish Region. In the South Wind River herd unit a total of 2,621 elk were observed between Hunt Areas 25, 27, 28, and 99. This is almost exactly the same as the 3-year average trend count and shows the herd right at objective. The ratio of 28 bulls/100 cows is the 3rd highest since 1994, with a calf/cow ratio of 30 calves/100 cows. In Green Mountain, 630 elk were observed in Hunt Area 24, mostly on or near Green Mountain. Nearly 100 elk have been observed along the Sweetwater River in Hunt Area 128, putting the total of over 720 elk about 44% over the mid-winter trend count objective of 500 elk. The 3-year trend count average of 566 is only 13% above objective. More bulls were observed this year than in 2015. *photo h/t Jim Moore / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news