Work at Beaver Creek Ski Area south of Lander addressed Safety Issues

*Feature Photo: Skiers now have a handrail and foot boards to use when crossing under the WYO 28 bridge on the Beaver Creek Ski Trail (WYDOT / Pitchengine Communities)* (Lander, Wyo.) - Nearly 100 feet of the Beaver Creek Ski Trail has been improved thanks to help from the Wyoming Department of Transportation's maintenance crew at South Pass. WYDOT provided and installed a hand rail and foot boards underneath the bridge last fall where Wyoming 28 crosses Beaver Creek south of Lander. "Seventy feet of the access trail was excavated several inches to provide a level walking surface. Prior to this work, the existing foot path was very steep as it turned under the highway bridge and skiers were forced to walk a sloping patch that was, at times, very icy," said Brian Martin, WYDOT engineer in Lander and cross-country ski coach in Lander. Martin said "several people a week would injure themselves traversing this short path due to its steep slopes and lack of hand rails." The new hand rail "encourages" skiers to take a wide turn under the bridge to avoid the steep slope and the foot boards provide sliding protection, Martin said, adding that "at least one broken wrist was reported last winter." "I haven't heard of any injuries this winter," Martin said. "That's great news." [image: Inline image 1] *(WYDOT / Pitchengine Communities) * WYDOT South Pass Maintenance Foreman Mike Hitshew said WYDOT is a "proud neighbor" of residents and people involved in recreation in the Southern Wind River Mountains. "We are happy to help people safely navigate the area under the Wyoming 28 bridge as it's inside the state right-of-way. It makes good sense for safety's sake to help people walk safely under the bridge to the ski area, instead of up the hill and across the highway," Hitshew said. WYDOT also provides help, when needed, in clearing the ski area's parking area in between storms that regularly occurs on the mountain pass between Lander and Farson, Hitshew said. [image: Inline image 2] *(WYDOT / Pitchengine Communities) * *#county10 #news *