BREAKING: Northern Arapaho Tribe files lawsuit against the Eastern Shoshone Tribe

The Northern Arapaho Tribe has filed a lawsuit against the Eastern Shoshone Tribe and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, alleging that the defendants illegally acted on the NAT's behalf. The lawsuit claims that the since the dissolution of the Joint Business Council, the EST has refused to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the NAT, and that the EST has continued to act as a "joint" council and approving contracts that the NAT should have had a say in. The NAT goes on to allege that the approval of the contracts was then illegally allowed by the BIA. It states that the BIA has "condoned, encouraged or approved usurpation of the authority of the NAT by the EST, in violation of federal law." In filing the lawsuit, the NAT states it wants, among other demands, these actions to be declared unlawful, clear lines drawn on what property and funds are owned and protected by the NAT, and a permanent injunction placed against the defendants to keep them from acting on the NAT's behalf. The tribe is also asking that contracts entered into without its consent be rescinded. Specifically named as defendants in the lawsuit are: BIA Rocky Mountain Region Director Darryl LaCounte, BIA Rocky Mountain Indian Services Officer Louise Reyes, BIA Wind River Agency Superintendent Norma Gourneau, BIA Wind River Agency Assistant Superintendent Ray Nation, BIA Director Michael Black, Shoshone Business Council Chairman Darwin St. Clair and Shoshone Business Council Co-Chairman Clint Wagon. The lawsuit was filed on Monday in Montana's federal court. #county10 #news